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Hearing excellence since 1965

Long-term dedication to R&D has positioned Univox at the forefront of the induction loop industry. A combination of high voltage, high current and strong long-lasting casing make our loop amplifiers unparalleled in the world.

Univox by edin, the world’s leading expert and producer of high quality induction loop systems, created the very first true constant current loop amplifier 1969. Ever since, our mission is to serve the hearing aid community with the highest degree of service and performance with strong focus on Research and Development for new technical solutions.

The first products manufactured consisted of systems that had to be installed by professional technicians. Since several years Bo Edin AB also has developed products that don’t need to be installed. These products are sold directly to end-users.

Initially the company cooperated with the largest distributor of medical care products in Sweden, LIC (owned by Swedish County Councils). The assistive hearing devices developed and produced by Bo Edin AB were distributed mainly by LIC. In December 1992 this cooperation was put to an end, and Bo Edin AB started direct sale and distribution to existing markets and customers in Sweden.

Thanks to a strong technology portfolio and cutting edge products – in some cases world-leading – the exports began to grow in the early 70’s. Exports accounts for approximately 30% of the total turnover.

The export countries include Norway, Denmark, Finland, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Italy, Switzerland, USA, Australia, New Zealand and China (HK). Today Bo Edin AB produces more than 10,000 loop amplifiers per year.

Univox method included in international standard Bo Edin AB focuses on the development of new techniques in the field and plays an active role in international standards work for loop systems.

With an active role in the work group TC-29/MT-20, Bo Edin AB (Univox) is deeply involved in the continuous working process of the induction loop standard IEC 60118-4.

A new standard IEC 60118-4:2006, is now realized and was unanimously approved September 1 2006 by the IEC members from all parts of the world. The new standard adopted in Sweden by SIS March 1 2007, has yet to be adopted in every member country.

This means that the Univox method using ITU artificial speech is now included in the new international standard for induction loops!

Safety policy

Every single active product goes through our final check procedure, making sure that all our products will be delivered with the highest quality and safety standards.

Environmental policy

Our environment is of great importance to us and we work actively with environmental issues on a daily as well as on a long-term basis.


Year Milestone
1965 Bo Edin AB/Univox is founded by Bo Edin in Stockholm, Sweden
1969 The world’s first true constant current loop amplifier, Univox 34A, is introduced
1972 Exports starts to Germany
1979 First super high power loop amplifier (1000W) is launched
1993 Dual Action AGC, a new signal processing scheme for constant level sensing, is developed and introduced into all Univox amplifiers
1995 Univox FSM field strength meter, the first complete loop measurement system according to the IEC standard, is introduced
1999 The world’s first auto-switching Euroconnector is introduced, facilitating the audio connection between loop amplifiers and TVs
2002 First loop amplifier with built-in auto-switching Euroconnector is launched
2002 Univox SLS – Super Loop System – based on a balanced two layer loop system, is launched
2004 Univox PLS-100 and Univox PLS-300 are the first electronic products in the world receiving an EPD Certificate (Environmental Product Declaration)
2007 The second generation of Univox Super Loop System – Univox SLS-100 XF and Univox SLS-300 XF – with frequency response >10 kHz, is launched
2008 The first loop amplifier with digital time-delay – Univox DLS-30TV – specially designed for LCD/plasma TV’s, is launched
2010 The first digital multitone based Field Strength Meter – FSM 2.0 – making it possible to measure background noise, is launched
2010 Univox TLS-1, the world’s first amplifier dedicated for vehicle applications like buses and trains, is developed
2012 Bo Edin AB/Univox opens subsidiary in UK
2013 First UL-/ETL-approved Univox amplifiers are shipped to the USA
2014 PLS-X series, a range of compact and efficient loop amplifiers with switched electronic power supply, is launched
2015 Updated SLS series based on efficient class D technology was launched
2018 Univox launches its first IR system


In addition to our proprietary Univox products we have sales rights of hearing products from several manufacturers around the world.

Name Website
AMPLICOMMS www.amplicomms.com
ARTONE www.artonecs.com
GEEMARC www.geemarc.com
OKAYO www.okayo.com
RENATA www.renata.com
SOUND OASIS www.sound-oasis.com


Below, we’ve collected links to a number of organizations related to hearing. Please contact us if you would like us to add one!

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European Federation of Hard of Hearing People www.efhoh.org
Hearing Loss Association of America www.hearingloss.org
American Academy of Audiology www.audiology.org
Hearing Link www.hearinglink.org
Action on Hearing Loss www.actiononhearingloss.org.uk