Hearing loops for auditoriums


Many people have not heard of hearing loops and have no idea of how much it can help with compensation of hearing loss. All public spaces benefit from an assistive listening device and according to us, the best way to make larger venues audio accessible to all, is to install a loop system that covers the entire listening area. This creates a space where a hearing impaired visitor can be seated anywhere and still be guaranteed good audibility.

There are many possibilities for the layout of the loop wire, but the basic Univox SLS system for most installations is the same: Two loops systems, Master and Slave, overlapping each other. In auditoriums the segment size is simply the same as the distance between the seating rows.


This type of loop configuration is almost unaffected by the influence of metal and maintain a stable field strength and frequency response throughout the hall.



Hearing loop system with HiFi quality and 3D controlled overspill.

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