Hearing loops for conferences


Your audio system in meeting rooms or conference halls should be accessible to all, including the hard of hearing. The Univox loop system serves the purpose to include your colleagues, clients or business associates with hearing impairments, so everything that is said and agreed upon is understood by all participants.



For auditoriums and larger meeting areas we offer loop systems covering all seats. Connected to existing sound systems, the loop acts as an assistive listener and your venue is accessible to all.

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Small rooms are best served by a perimeter loop, surrounding the listening area.

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P-Loop 2.0

A portable solution has everything a venue owner or a meeting organizer needs to set up a professional multipurpose temporary loop system. You will have a mobile system that fulfils any demand for accessibility and matches the expectations of your hard of hearing guests.

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The UN City complex, Denmark

Three auditoriums and three meeting rooms in the Copenhagen UN City complex are equipped with installed hearing loops to accommodate the staff and visitors with hearing aids. With a delicate hand, the right segment size is designed to attenuate the overspill enough not to disturb the users of the adjacent loop system.

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Nordkalotten Conference, Sweden

In the very north of Sweden, Nordkalotten conference center has installed hearing loops in several auditoriums. In the crescent-shaped main hall, the loops follow the curved seating rows and create a fully covered listening area.


House of Disabled, Danmark

I ”världens mest tillgängliga hus”, Handicaporganisationernes Hus utanför Köpenhamn, har receptioner, mötesrum, matsalar och hissar utrustats med Univox hörslingor.

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