Univox FSM in handy case

2 May, 2024

Univox FSM can now be ordered in a handy case that includes everything you need while measuring and certifying loop systems – the FSM, headphones, extra batteries and the quick guide. It even has dedicated slots for an optional soundmeter and a variety of connection cables. The case is available from stock for fast delivery…. Read more

New signs for facilities equiped with hearing loops, IR and RF systems

20 February, 2024

We have developed a number of new signs for use with hearing loops, IR systems and RF (FM) systems. The signs will alert visitors to the premises that there is a hearing accessibility system installed. All signs are printed on 1mm thick vinyl plastic and have a self-adhesive side. T-signs: • 80x80mm – double-sided print… Read more

Stock status PLS-/SLS-7

20 February, 2024

Due to increased demand, the stock has been sold out before new delivery has arrived. Expected delivery of PLS-7 and SLS-7 is at the end of March. Orders for PLS-7 and SLS-7 will be backordered from now on.

ISE 2024

20 February, 2024

Thank you for this years ISE! It was an intense week at ISE in Barcelona, to say the least. We have recharged and have digested all the impressions from the fair. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the customers and partners who visited us. One theme that many of those we… Read more

New commissioning report

24 November, 2023

In conjunction with the launch of our new Univox FSM, we have re-worked and updated our commissioning report. The new report simplifies the testing procedure and complies with all provisions in the latest version of IEC 60118-4. Color-coded result boxes make it easier than ever to see compliance/non-compliance with the standard, and present an overall verdict. The… Read more

New Univox FSM

24 November, 2023

Introducing our latest field strength meter – Univox FSM. The digital meter is small and neat, offers an easy to read LED bar that is clearly visible from a distance and comes with a protective silicone cover. All new features include a Peak Hold function, a higher resolution with 1dB increments between -3dB and +6dB and selectable… Read more

FSM Basic discontinued

12 September, 2023

Our field strength meter the FSM basic have been discontinued and will be replaced by a new FSM later this year. The new field strength meter boasts improved resolution and a Peak Hold function. Stay tuned!

New DBC cable

12 September, 2023

We are glad to be able to present a new DBC cable: DBC 1.5mm². The cable is delivered on 100m rolls and can be purchased from stock. Univox DBC cable is a special cable made to be cast directly into concrete or buried in the ground. The chemical properties of the sheath make the DBC… Read more

Neck loop NL-90 is discontinued, replaced by the new NL-100

12 September, 2023

Our neck loop Univox NL-90 has been discontinued and is now sold out. The replacement is the new Univox NL-100, which has several improvements. NL-100 (part. no. 283103) is available to order from stock and fits all our pocket receivers: EJ-7R, Digi RS-R, TeamTalk Participant and IRR-1.

New TeamTalk accessories

27 February, 2023

We are now introducing new TeamTalk accessories CB-40X and HSB-05S. TeamTalk CB-40X is a sturdy and portable charging case with 40 slots for larger groups. The TeamTalk HSB-05S stereo headset microphone is a noise-reducing headset with a rotating boom microphone that is muted when in upper position. 

New! IR 1211 Emitter

11 April, 2022

Univox® IR 1211 is a compact yet powerful IR emitter for small to medium size venues. IR 1211 is a signal extender for the IR 1411 main unit. With its 72 diodes IR 1211 provides wireless listening in an area of up to 730 m² in free field. Emitter units can be daisy chained through… Read more

New! HDMI-ARC Audio extractor

17 March, 2022

HDMI-ARC Audio extractor is a splitter that separates an HDMI source signal to an HDMI video signal and a separate audio signal (SPDIF / 3.5 mm / ARC-out). The audio splitter supports 3D and 4K. Easy to install and completely without quality loss. Used with TVs that do not have a 3.5 mm/toslink audio output. Note… Read more

Introducing: the Univox 7-series

7 October, 2021

We proudly present Univox 7-series, the latest addition to our range of professional loop amplifiers. Univox-7 series are our most powerful loop amplifiers to date, adapted for very large loop systems such as airports, train stations or theatres. Based on highly efficient linear technology, with balanced outputs, a wide frequency response and drive voltage of… Read more

Introducing: Univox® CLS-5T

11 June, 2021

The universal loop driver with digital input Univox CLS-5T is a compact and powerful loop amplifier designed for wireless listening through T-coil equipped hearing devices. With several input alternatives and a wide range of operating voltages, this high power loop amplifier is perfect on board vehicles, as well as in large TV-lounges. The CLS-5T can… Read more

New! HM-7C headset microphone

27 May, 2021

We are now introducing the new HM-7C headset microphone for use with our pocket transmitter EJ-7XT. The microphone capsule has a uni-directional (cardioid) polar pattern which warrants for feedback-free speech even while standing right in front of a loudspeaker. The headband is comfortable to wear still with a stable fit and the microphone beam has… Read more

New speaker accessories!

2 July, 2020

Now avaliable! Speaker dust covers for GPA-670BD1 and GPA-820D1 from the Wireless microphone systems-family. Find the dust covers and speakers HERE.

New TeamTalk Accessories!

10 June, 2020

Now avaliable! CB-48 carry bag for 48 units Univox TeamTalk or IR-receivers. CB-20X charging case for 20 units Univox TeamTalk. Follow the links for more information!

ULD Update 3.0 is now live!

8 April, 2020

The new and improved version 3.0 of Univox web-based hearing loop design software Univox Loop Designer (ULD) is now live. The new version includes the following new features: A new SLS figuration, “SLS one stop loop” which is a mix of the standard SLS with a stop loop at one side and the SLS no… Read more

Univox featured in ISE Daily!

25 February, 2020

This year’s ISE, the final one at RAI in Amsterdam was a show to remember and Univox had the great pleasure of being featured in the official newspaper of ISE 2020. Read the newspaper here: ISE Daily 2020, day 4, February 14 (We are on page 46) or check out the article page here. We would also… Read more

DigiBee – the noise free tour guide system

11 April, 2017

DigiBee is our newest product in the tour guide systems with features for hearing aid users. DigiBee is the noise-free guide system that minimizes the unpleasant noise caused by internal and external interference. The easy to use transmitters and receivers with smart channel synchronization, weighs only 70 grams including the battery. That, combined with the pure sound,… Read more

SLS-1 completes the Univox Class D Tech-series

20 February, 2017

SLS-1 is a super efficient loop amplifier for smaller meeting rooms with no or moderate metal loss The launch of SLS-1 completes the Univox Class D Tech Series (SLS-1/3/5). As its older siblings, SLS-1 has groundbreaking features for versatile applications. The Univox Super Loop System Class D Tech series is based on groundbreaking, fully complementary,… Read more

New Autoloop!

18 December, 2015

No settings, no controls, no fuss! Univox AutoLoop 2.0 is an automatic and modern hearing loop amplifier for many purposes – domestic environments, waiting rooms, taxis/cars etc. It’s simple to set up and use without compromising its crystal clear and powerful sound to the hearing aid user. With the updated AutoLoop 2.0 the field strength… Read more

Brand new Univox Applications web pages

22 November, 2015

To facilitate the navigation in the loop jungle, we’ve created a new section on our website where we describe where, when and why loops are needed and suggest solutions for various facilities. In the hotel business, for example, there are many situations where a hearing loop is a great solution for providing the best service… Read more

New generation of SLS Phased Array Drivers!

21 November, 2015

The new Univox Class D Tech series with multiple applications and ground breaking features is here. Check out SLS 3 and 5! This high efficiency design has resulted in a series of loop drivers considerably smaller and lighter than their predecessors, with enhanced output power optimized for modern Super Loop (phased array) system design. The… Read more

New brochure: World Class Hearing Loop Systems

4 September, 2015

A brand new Univox brochure is available! It is a comprehensive overview of the many environments and situations where hearing loops come to play – theatres, concert halls, conference facilities, houses of worship, sport arenas, information desks and more. The brochure captures the many aspects of how hearing loop systems can create accessibility in public… Read more

Dual core copper foil cable

25 June, 2015

As the first supplier in the industry, Univox launches a dual core copper foil cable, 2×1.25mm2. The copper foil cable is 26mm wide with a 1mm wide gap between the two cores and comes on both 50m and 100 rolls. The dual core cable is especially suitable for perimeter loops in existing buildings where installing… Read more

Updated IEC standard and new certificate

5 April, 2015

  Hearing loop standard IEC 60118-4 update The hearing loop performance standard IEC-60118-4 has recently been updated. One of the most important changes is the increased frequency demands when setting the magnetic field strength level. In the updated standard it has to be verified that the 400mA/m (0dB) in the program peaks can be reached… Read more

New version of Univox Loop Designer!

2 April, 2015

New version of Univox Loop Designer! Published: April 2015 Our own-developed web-based planning tool for hearing loops, Univox Loop Designer (ULD), has been updated to v2.0. The new version includes several new features, among them a greatly improved “Environment function” which makes it easier to see the impact of the metal influence on the magnetic… Read more

New CLS series

21 January, 2015

The loop amplifier DLS-50 is now renamed to CLS-1 and is included along with CLS-5 in our Compact Loop System range. The CLS series is a collection of compact, efficient loop amplifiers for professional use. Univox ®CLS-1 CLS-1 is designed for counter systems applications like teller desks, check in counters, and cashier points as well… Read more

New diversity receiver

19 January, 2015

EJ-702DR Plus As from January 2015 the diversity receiver EJ-702DR will be replaced by EJ-702DR Plus. Just like its predecessor it is designed to use with two wireless transmitters/ microphones. Current transmitters EJ-701TM, EJ-7XT and EJ-501TM work with both the old and new model. The most significant differences from the old model are that EJ-702DR… Read more

Don’t forget to use the Univox Loop Designer!

18 January, 2015

Univox Loop Designer is free advanced software for planning hearing loop systems. The web based planning tool can be used for many different loop classes and figurations. New to ULD? Please send your request for login details for Univox Loop Designer to your regional distributor. Basic tutorial videos can be found under the help section.

New! Ebeco crimping tool

5 September, 2014

For termination of copper foil A crimping tool with terminal clips is a fast, easy and inexpensive alternative to soldering the connection wire to the copper foil. The crimping tool is used both to fit the terminal clips onto the copper foil and to crimp the terminal clips to the connection cable.  

CLS-5 replacing TV200

28 July, 2014

Loop driver Univox TV200 is no longer in stock and has been replaced by the Univox CLS-5, which is supplemented with optical inputs. The efficient and green CLS-5 is a compact loop driver suitable for many applications, such as larger TV- and living rooms, busses or elevators. The sound quality has been significantly improved due to… Read more

PLS-X series – the smart, efficient and powerful new loop drivers from Univox

25 February, 2014

The new X series of professional loop amplifiers manifest efficiency without compromising on power, performance and sound quality. They are capable of driving single, multi-turn and multi-loop configurations, achieving an area coverage up to 900 sqm. The X series comprises three new models: PLS-X1 – the professional pick for the small meeting room PLS-X3 –… Read more

Univox Microphones and new D/A converter!

26 October, 2013

Univox microphones for every application! New D/A converter! Univox Microphones Univox is selling a wide range of corded microphones for different needs. All are of electret type and designated for use with induction loops. See all microphones and download our new microphone brochure. Univox D/A converter For any occasion when you have to transform a… Read more

Univox Meeting Room Kits

10 May, 2013

Complete meeting room loop systems with all components included! The Univox Meeting Room Kits are complete with every component needed. Microphones, amplifier, loop cable with fastening clips are all included. The Meeting Room Kits are primarily for making your meeting room accessible for the hard of hearing, though each kit can be added with wireless… Read more

Univox is back in Amsterdam for ISE 2013!

13 January, 2013

The shift between January and February every year means ISE in Amsterdam. We will be there – will you? Univox will exhibit for the fifth year in a row at ISE 2013 in Amsterdam, Jan 29-31. The ISE show has become the most important European trade show for us and many other companies and the… Read more

Univox P-Loop 2.0 is mobile accessibility!

29 March, 2012

Although we sneaked the new Univox P-Loop 2.0 out into the market a couple of months ago, we would like to bring this new product some extra, well deserved attention as the old P-Loop is now completely sold out. We would like to highlight a few features and facts about P-Loop 2.0 that we feel… Read more

Introducing P-CTC

25 March, 2012

We are now introducing the P-CTC, Portable Cross-the-Counter system as an addition to the Univox range. With P-CTC we build on our range for face to face communication. This is a fantastic product for any type of company that practice face to face meetings. The unit has an in-built battery and is light to carry,… Read more

PLS News!

19 March, 2012

The PLS-100 and PLS-300 with a new fresh design are now available. The superior performance and fantastic features remain but in a new elegant outfit. At this point we are also introducing the new datasheets for all the PLS amplifiers. The most eye catching difference is the way we present the coverage areas. The area… Read more

New neckloop

11 November, 2011

New passive Univox neck loop introduced. We are now introducing a new passive neck loop. The new neck loop, product # 283101 is equal in technical performance to the old and the price remains the same. We feel that the change is for the better as the blue fabric of the old neck loop in… Read more

Next generation FSM 2.0

20 April, 2010

During many years Univox FSM (1994) was the only true FSM with RMS measurement (125ms) complying fully with the IEC standard on the market. Univox now launches the next generation Field Strength Meter, FSM 2.0 controlled by a reprogrammable microprocessor (uP) with an LCD-display. This gives an instrument with advanced functions, yet easy to use,… Read more