Introducing: the Univox 7-series

7 October, 2021

We proudly present Univox 7-series, the latest addition to our range of professional loop amplifiers.

Univox-7 series are our most powerful loop amplifiers to date, adapted for very large loop systems such as airports, train stations or theatres. Based on highly efficient linear technology, with balanced outputs, a wide frequency response and drive voltage of 100 Vpp, both PLS-7 and SLS-7 provide excellent dynamics and exceptional sound quality in a robust and stylish chassis.

Univox 7-series is available for perimeter loop systems (PLS-7, part no. 217700) and for installation of uncorrelated loop systems (SLS-7, part. 227000). Both amplifiers are equipped with 100 V line input and deliver an output voltage of 100 Vpp max. PLS-7 gives a maximum output current of 20 Arms, while SLS-7 gives 2×10 Arms. The fan-free amplifiers are easily mounted in AV-racks and take up 1 RU per amplifier.

One of the new features in the 7-Series is the possibility of Dante connection which means that you can send a signal to the amplifier via a computer or mixer through network. Signal transmission via network cables enables extremely long physical signal path with an almost non-existent delay and lossless sound quality — something that is useful in, for example, airports, arenas or other very large installations where program material can be controlled and sent from a central unit. The 7-series is available both with and without Dante. (With Dante: part no 217710, 227010)

In addition to Dante cards, the units are also equipped with our proven MLC (Metal Loss Compensation), which is used to correct the system’s frequency response in environments where the signal strength is negatively affected by surrounding metal. The fan-free convection cooling means that the amplifier is reliable while minimizing buzz and noise. This, together with the Univox two-stage AGC (Automatic Gain Control) and low frequency masking filter, results in a crystal clear sound for hearing aid users.

Read more and see product sheets on the amplifiers’ product pages: SLS-7, PLS-7