New diversity receiver

19 January, 2015

EJ-702DR Plus

As from January 2015 the diversity receiver EJ-702DR will be replaced by EJ-702DR Plus. Just like its predecessor it is designed to use with two wireless transmitters/ microphones. Current transmitters EJ-701TM, EJ-7XT and EJ-501TM work with both the old and new model.

The most significant differences from the old model are that EJ-702DR Plus only has one receiver module with two channels and that the antennas are fixed to the unit.

Like its predecessor the unit is ½ rack unit wide and rack mounting kits are offered separately. The price of EJ-702DR Plus is unchanged, compared to EJ-702DR. Until further notice the P-Loop loop case will contain the old diversity receiver.

Please refer to the EJ-702DR Plus data sheets for Part no’s and other information regarding Okayo products. More detailed information can be found in the installation guide.