New generation of SLS Phased Array Drivers!

21 November, 2015

The new Univox Class D Tech series with multiple applications and ground breaking features is here. Check out SLS 3 and 5!

This high efficiency design has resulted in a series of loop drivers considerably smaller and lighter than their predecessors, with enhanced output power optimized for modern Super Loop (phased array) system design. The SLS Class D Tech series is based on ground-breaking, fully complementary, multiple class D stages, operating side by side to create the highest dynamic performance possible. The advanced and adaptive real time current, temperature and power protection makes SLS-3 and SLS-5 virtually indestructible with any load or short-circuit.


  • Fully complementary and balanced system based on multiple class D stages for highest dynamic performance
  • Exceptionally high efficiency
  • Advanced real time protection circuit
  • Unique Parametric MLC for comprehensive metal loss compensation
  • Fan free convection cooled for silent, reliable operation
  • ULD supported for easy project planning

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