Induction Loops – Bo Edin AB is on site!

15 September, 2009

Between September 25-27 the first international conference on induction loops is organized in Winterthur near Zürich in Switzerland. The conference will deal with the latest technology and discuss the accessibility situation in several countries. On Sunday a panel discussion will deal with the future of induction loops and Conny Andersson, Research & Development Manager at… Read more

Editable IEC standard protocol

10 August, 2009

It is now possible to complete the IEC protocol form directly in your computer. An editable pdf file has been created which is fast to complete and storable on your computer for future reference. In this way there is no need to print the document and you can save it together with other project related… Read more

Bo Edin AB exhibits at AudiologyNOW! for the third time

15 March, 2009

April 2-4 Bo Edin AB will exhibit at AudiologyNOW! for the third time. The Audiology Solutions show is the number 1 show in the US and one of the largest exhibitions for hearing aids and hearing solutions in the world. The exhibition is a part of the yearly member conference of the American Academy of… Read more