ULD version 3.2 – Perimeter Flex

27 May, 2021

Univox Loop Designer (ULD) has been updated. In the update, that has received version no. 3.2, a new loop figuration type is launched – the Perimeter Flex. With this new figuration U-, L-, T- and Z-shaped areas can be planned. ULD will automatically calculate needed voltage, current and power as well as the needed amount of cable and produce a layout drawing that correctly follows the perimeter of the U-, L-, T- or Z-shaped room. We are currently working on an SLS Flex figuration as well that will make it equally easy to plan SLS loops in such irregularly shaped areas.

Please take a look at a short instruction video that explains how to use the new Perimeter Flex feature. The manual will be updated accordingly within short.

The room outline in the layout drawing has also changed colour from grey to bright green. This will make it easier to distinguish the room’s outline when superimposing imported plan drawings of the room in the layout drawing. Some minor bug fixes have also been executed.

Please share your thoughts on these new features with us! If you have any other suggestions that can make ULD more powerful or user friendly, please drop us a line at support@edin.se or just give us a call. Thank you in advance for your valuable input.

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