FSM 2.0

Item no.: 401040 (Discontinued product)

Professional Field Strength Meter

Better results, more complex measurements, faster & easier use

Univox FSM 2.0 is a professional field strength meter with functions and measurements not seen elsewhere on the market. FSM 2.0 uses a microprocessor (μP) making advanced measurements easy. The multitone measurement automated by the μP, makes accurate and reproducible frequency results superior to pink-noise, and much quicker. All the details are controlled by the μP and the answers are clearly displayed on the backlit LCD screen. All measurement steps are easy to use in a logical sequence following the measurement certificate.

FSM 2.0 is reprogrammable which makes any upgrades of the IEC standard or routines easy to handle. No need to buy a new instrument for an updated/ changed standard.

FSM 2.0 is the only field strength instrument that comply fully with IEC 60118-4, measuring noise down to -47dB. This is possible as all sensitive signals and conversions are hardwired. The digital μP is only used to control the hardware. FSM 2.0 is the only instrument that can easily measure the overspill level hidden behind the background noise due to extremely sharp filters (just a few Hz). The noise spectrum measurement makes it easy to decide if the background noise is clearly audible.

FSM 2.0 Test signals


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