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NL-100, soft induction neck loop

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Comfortable neck loop with excellent frequency response

An inductive neck loop is a personal assistive listening accessory for hard of hearing people wearing hearing aids equipped with a T-coil. Since each hearing aid is configured with custom frequency response and dynamic range adapted for the user’s hearing impairment, NL-100 transfers any audio from its connected device crystal clear, with minimal latency.

Univox® NL-100 is capable of connecting to, and receiving signal from different sound sources. NL-100 sums both right and left channels of the audio source, ensuring a strong and steady signal for the user. Included in the package is a 70 cm (27.5 in) extension lead. Covering the loop is a soft fabric channel, making it comfortable to wear even longer periods of time, compared to traditional bare-cable neck loops.

The 3.5 mm male plug can be connected to any audio device supporting standard 3.5 mm connection, such as portable music players, bluetooth receivers and other supported devices. For domestic use, e.g. with a loop amplifier connected to you TV, an extension cable may be used.

Apart from using it domestically, NL-100’s real potential is unlocked when used in a professional setting, together with the Univox® FM systems as well as Univox® IR system.

No installation or instructions are needed, just switch your hearing aids to T-mode, connect NL-100 to a transmitting device, the same as any wired headphones, and enjoy crystal clear audio.