Loop cables and accessories

Copper tape

861050, 861055, 861051, 861052, 861053, 861054

Super thin copper tape with plastic insulation

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DBC Direct Burial Cable

861090, 861092, 861094

Corrosion protected cable for concrete encasement

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Double-sided adhesive tape

861060, 861070

Double-sided adhesive tape - 30 mm and 55 mm wide

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Ebeco Crimping Tool


For termination of copper foil cables

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Extension cable for neck loop


Extension cable for neck loop 283101, 10m, grey

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Loop mat


Mat with built-in hearing loop.

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Sofa Loop cable


Sofa Loop cable

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Terminal clip 40pcs


Terminal clip used with crimping tool

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Warning tape

861036, 861038

Reinforced cover tape with warning text

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