Consultation and support

Even the best products can be used in the wrong way. A vital part of creating a loop system complying with the IEC standard is an insightful and pro-active planning resource. Univox employees have the right skills to help any customer to obtain the right solution for every venue. You don’t have to know what to ask – we will ask the right questions for you to find the best solution possible for your need. We don’t make it more complicated than it is. We know our products will cope in almost any circumstance and we don’t believe in “offering” the customer an unnecessary and expensive “support package” for a simple loop planning. Instead you will always receive prompt, accurate and free support to all questions you might have regarding our loop amplifiers and other systems.

We and our network of trained Univox distributors all over the world are here to help you through your projects.

We also give loop seminars to increase the quality of induction loop installations. Should you desire, we can also set up CAD drawings for your projects.

We are here for you – don’t hesitate to contact us!


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