Case Study: Nottingham University, UK

Photo: Peter Shone-

Univox RF Assistive listening system at Nottingham University Bio Sciences department


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The aim of the Bio Sciences department at Nottingham University is excellence in teaching and research to sustain a healthy supply of food. They study fundamental and applied animal and plant science, agricultural production; economic and environmental sustainability; food manufacturing, processing and consumption; the interaction between food, animal and human health; food safety, and the biotechnological processing of farm products.

They use a system comprised by 3 EJ-770T stationary transmitters with bulk head mounted antennae and 200 EJ-7R receivers.

It is being used in a Super lab where they have up to 200 students and 3 courses occurring at the same time. The RF is suitable as it provides reinforced audio to both hard-of-hearing as well as normal hearing students. The course tutors provide instruction to their students as they move around this huge lab. They are using hazardous pathogens and they are not allowed/able to touch the receiver once they have entered the inner lab.


Products used

Univox/Okayo EJ-770T stationary transmitters
Univox/Okayo EJ-7R receivers

Local partner

Univox Audio – Univox’s exclusive national distributor in the UK