Hearing loops for airports


Good audio communication is fundamental to the smooth running of an airport. However, where speech is the main means of communication, the sound environments are often particularly difficult for the hearing impaired. Waiting rooms, platforms, departure gates, help desks and even intercom systems in lifts and car parks will require hearing loop coverage. Hearing loops, that are active around the clock, can make the travelling much easier for the hearing aid users. We have solutions suitable for one to one applications and systems covering public spaces and waiting areas – everything to enable barrier free travelling.


Desks and Tellers

Check-in desks, passport control desks, security points, currency exchange counters and gate desks are all places where the communication needs to go smoothly and quickly. Different languages per se create difficulties for the hearing impaired, and facilitating the audio situation is beneficial for all.

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Waiting areas

The loops enable easy call outs in waiting areas.

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Intercom systems in elevators are often very difficult to perceive for the hearing impaired. For safety and comfort, install loops in the elevators!

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Melbourne Airport, Australia

Melbourne Airport, also known as Tullamarine Airport, is the primary airport serving the city of Melbourne, and the second busiest airport in Australia. All gate areas in Pier G are fitted with loops. Due to the heavily metal reinforced structure – common in most airports – a Univox SLS design was preferred to achieve even field strength and adequate frequency response. Now the travellers can hear their flight info loud and clear.

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