hem-1Home environments, wards and infirmarys

In the realm of social welfare and public health we have become increasingly aware of the need for hearing loops in the homes of hearing aid users, and in many countries these assistive listening devices are available free of charge or on a subsidized basis. A hearing loop offers many advantages. At home or in a ward, the listener does not have to sit close to the TV or radio, or put the volume up to the breaking point. Instead, the listener can be seated anywhere in the room, or even move around, and still hear as well. Perhaps the greatest advantage is that the sound comes pure and undistorted directly into the ear, not affected by any interfering background noise. Once having a hearing loop installed at home, it can in some cases be arranged for the telephone or the doorbell to be transmitted over the hearing loop.



TV lounges in nursing homes, apartment hotels and homes for the elderly, all benefit from hearing loops for watching TV or listening to the radio.

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Equipped meeting rooms enables everyone to participate.

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Car, taxi and transportation service

For wheelchair users or other physically impaired people using a transportation service in a larger vehicle, hearing the driver may prove impossible. To cover the transportation service vehicle with a loop system makes the transport both safer and more pleasant, allowing for a personalized service.

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Home for the elderly, Kontula, Finland

48 loop systems were installed in a home for elderly people in Kontula, Finland, resulting in all public areas were made accessible: dining rooms, cafeterias, TV rooms, gyms, meeting rooms, chapel and several halls. As the rooms often were either adjacent or above/ below each other, SLS loop systems were required throughout the house. The exceptional overspill control built into the SLS system made it possible to finalize the installation successfully with a signal-to-noise ratio good enough to allow simultaneous use of the loops. For any other space or for outdoor use, a portable loop system was provided, giving them freedom to make excursions.

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