Hearing loops on board


With a loop system on board, the hearing impaired passengers get direct access to call outs, safety alarms and information transmitted by the Passenger Information System (PIS). Their journey will be safer, easier and more relaxing, especially when travelling alone. A hearing loop system is the most practical, least expensive and lowest maintenance solution to providing quality access to on-board audio information for the hearing impaired.

As always when installing loop systems on-board rolling stock, there are a number of technical obstacles: Attenuation of the magnetic field due to the metal in the cars, magnetic background noise from braking systems and electrical cables, available electrical power, interface to the PIS, vibrations, temperature variations, dust and cramped installation space. All these challenges have to be overcome by choosing the right mix of power, loop design, loop wire placement and of course – the right loop driver for the job.


With a robust construction of the amplifier, including dust coated PCB and glued capacitors, the Univox transportation amplifier is designed to work in these conditions.

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