Hearing loops for metros, trams and light rails


Metros, trams and light rails are increasing all over the world. As urban areas grow, more people rely on swift, secure and comfortable public transportation every day. The awareness among train builders, architects and operators about the challenges that disabled people are facing while travelling, is increasing. Decision makers are taking this into account when designing trains, stations and associated facilities. The focus of these efforts is almost always on granting access to wheelchair users and other people with reduced mobility, yet this group is only a small percentage of the total number of disabled people. The largest group by far, the hearing impaired, is often forgotten. The sound through the speakers is very difficult to hear even for a normal hearing person. To install a loop makes a great change for the hard of hearing.



Waiting areas

On the platforms and waiting areas, the call outs are almost always impossible to perceive for the hearing impaired. Relying on signage is not an option, due to both occasional signage failure and also the fact that many visually impaired passengers also suffer from hearing loss. Receiving the call outs directly into the hearing aid makes the journey easier, safer and more comfortable, especially when travelling alone.

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On board

With a hearing loop on board, the passenger gets direct access to call outs, safety alarms and other information.

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Desks and tellers

Information desks and ticket windows should be equipped with an assistive listening device. For a hearing disabled costumer to be able to communicate, it is important to have an efficient and easy to use hearing system installed. An across the counter system ensures clear conversation between the costumer and the staff, directly transferred via a microphone and a small hearing loop to the costumer’s hearing aid.

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Not only for safety reasons, but for a more comfortable visit, installing a hearing loop in the elevator is a good choice.

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Hong Kongs tunnelbana

The MTR Corporation opened the first metro line in Hong Kong 1979. The current system have five lines running over 218 km through 155 stations. Millions of people are on the move every weekday, making it one of the most heavily utilized mass transit systems in the world. Hearing impaired had difficulties in receiving information, both at the service centres and at the platforms, due to a very high noise level. Univox hearing loops where installed and are now serving the hard of hearing community daily.

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