Hearing loops for shops, stores and service points


Why should you install a hearing loop in the counter? The arguments are: “Would you like anything else?”, “You’re credit card doesn’t seem to work, unfortunately”, “May I see your ID, please”, “How many stamps would you like?” or “Which colour would you prefer on the book shelf?” Or at the service point: “The conference room is up the stairs to the left” or “The restrooms is over there, behind the pillars”.

Retail stores, supermarkets, drugstores, banks, post offices, ticket offices and other businesses all have service points and cashiers affected by background noises. Many businesses don’t seem to take this into account, because they don’t really know how hearing aids works. A hearing impaired persons own hearing aid amplifies all sounds, also the background noises, which makes it very difficult for the hearing impaired costumer to have a normal chat with the staff. To welcome all costumers and give the best service possible, an assistive hearing device is a great option.

A loop system can mean the difference between hearing nothing and understanding everything. When installed, the system delivers high speech perception to hearing aid users when communicating with staff. Our reliable, powerful amplifiers guarantee problem free functionality. They are user friendly and the system works automatically without the need of any adjustment. Every teller can be equipped with a loop, since the systems can be installed with just 1m distance between each other without interfering.



Cross the Counter System – installed under the counter, easy accessed.

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Univox SmartLoop assists in most types of one-to-one meetings, providing versatile desktop induction loop assistance for hearing aid users.  No installation work is required.

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