Hearing loops for sport arenas


In a looped arena it is not only easier to get the appropriate information, for example in emergency situations, but also to follow and enjoy the event. When covering every seat you prevent the hearing aid users to be referred to a designated section, separated from friends and family. Instead they have full accessibility to the event on the same terms as everyone else.

There is an amazing difference for the hearing impaired to be able to hear everything clearly. And with a loop installed there is no need for extra receivers to be requested, handed out, returned, checked and cleaned.



Hearing loops in seating areas enables audio accessibility everywhere.

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Desks and tellers

The often noisy atmosphere in the lobby or entrance, makes it very hard for people with hearing aids to hear properly. A hearing loop in the ticket office or at the information desk gives a high speech perception. Offer the best service and make the experience even better!

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Not only for safety reasons, but for a more comfortable visit, installing a hearing loop in the elevator is a good choice.

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