Hearing loops for theatres, cinemas & concert halls


One of the main applications for hearing loops are venues like theatres, cinemas and concert halls. They are built for enjoying sound and vision. There is an amazing difference for the hearing impaired to be able to hear everything clearly. And with a loop installed there is no need for extra receivers to be requested, handed out, returned, checked and cleaned. Venues already equipped with a sound system can easily be connected to a hearing loop. Univox loop systems’ high quality audio with perfect, clear and crisp sound, bring out the fine nuances and details needed for a great experience.



These venues all benefit from loops placed in segments along the seating rows, so a hearing impaired visitor can be seated anywhere and still be guaranteed good audibility.

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Desks and tellers

The often noisy atmosphere in a lobby or at an entrance makes it very difficult for people with hearing aids to hear properly. A hearing loop in the ticket office or at an information desk gives a high speech perception. Offer the best service and make the experience even better!

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Not only for safety reasons, but for a more comfortable visit, installing a hearing loop in the elevator is a good choice.

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Stockholm Concert Hall, Sweden

A well designed series of loop systems has made every single seat in the Stockholm Concert Hall available to the hard of hearing community. The audio quality is perfect where ever you sit thanks to the Univox systems that transmit both horizontally and vertically.

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Copenhagen Opera House, Denmark

In the Copenhagen Opera House’s main stage, loops were installed in a specially designed configuration. Whenever the size of the orchestra space is changed, the loop sections switches automatically on/off.

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Kremlin Theatre, Russia

The Kremlin Theatre, once the Palace of Congresses, now Moscow’s biggest and most prestigious concert hall, is equipped with Univox hearing loop systems and has full coverage throughout the main hall.

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