Autoloop 2.0

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Automatic loop amplifier with personal level control

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No settings, no controls, no fuss!

Univox AutoLoop 2.0 is an automatic and modern hearing loop amplifier for many purposes – domestic environments, waiting rooms, taxis/cars etc. It’s simple to set up and use without compromising its crystal clear and powerful sound to the hearing aid user.

With the updated AutoLoop 2.0 the field strength can be fine-tuned to better fit the personal hearing comfort in the hearing aid. The goal is to achieve the same level when having the hearing aid in M and T position.

Regardless of the loop type and length connected to AutoLoop 2.0, the amplifier will deliver a correct audio level. The level in the loop is based on a real time analysis of the relation between the chosen loop solution and the created field strength. If you experience the sound level in the loop being too high, you can lower the level by using a level control at the bottom of the product.

A blue LED light indicates that the amplifier is transmitting correctly. The built-in automatic level control (AGC) delivers a smooth and comfortable sound in the loop.

AutoLoop 2.0 is simple to setup. Connect your sound source/s to the loop system through the two 3.5mm mic/line inputs. Then connect your choice of loop pad, sofa loop or room loop and enjoy the pure sound. No settings, no controls, no fuss! The amplifier is powerful enough to support loops in rooms up to 50m².

The AutoLoop 2.0 is of a stylish, practical and robust design, specifically built with the environment in mind. The amplifier is powered by a modern switched power supply, which results in efficient power management and minimal power consumption when in stand-by mode. Both weight and size of the product are in line with our ambition to use fewer materials.

The result – a modern hearing product designed to reduce our carbon footprint.



AutoLoop 2.0        w. Loop Pad        w. Sofa loop             w. Room Loop
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