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Compact Loop System for vehicles and TV lounges

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The universal loop driver with diverse appeal

With seven inputs and a wide range of operating voltages, this high power loop amplifier is perfect on board vehicles as well as in large TV lounges.

The Univox CLS-5 can operate from 110-240 VAC and 12-24 VDC, supporting its suitability for a diverse range of applications from buses and coaches to large TV lounges and meeting rooms. A range of inputs, including digital and coaxial inputs, means that integrating with any audio system is simple. Fully automatic switching SCART connectors secure easy connection to an external device like a DVD or digital box.

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Audio quality is significantly enhanced due to the embedded electronic transformer, eliminating modulation distortion at high power output. The audio chain also incorporates features such as the Metal Loss Correction to fine tune for the effects of metal loss and the unique Dual Action AGC (automatic gain control) which lets the sound return immediately after noice suppression.

TV features include built-in Video Sync (digital delay), eliminating the echo effect when connected to a flat screen TV. The CLS-5 also has an alert input which can be activated by vehicles on board alarm, or – if installed in a TV lounge – a doorbell or a telephone.

The CLS-5 is compliant with the relevant automotive standards and the carbon footprint has been substantially improved with a new electronic design. With 98% efficiency, 50% of the weight and 90% reduction of copper compared to traditional amplifiers, the CLS-5 is one of the most environmental-friendly loop drivers on the market.





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