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Compact loop amplifier for vehicles, elevators or TV-lounges. UN ECE R10 certified

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Compact loop system for vehicles, lifts and TV-lounges

CLS-5T is a high-power loop amplifier with several input alternatives to fit every need, designed for wireless listening through T-coil equipped hearing aids. Excellent on board a bus or elevator, operating on 12-24VDC or with a 110-240VAC power supply for use in large TV-lounges and conference rooms. CLS-5T is compliant with automotive regulation ECE R10 and correctly installed, the system is designed to comply with IEC 60118-4. A range of inputs, including digital and coaxial, enables easy integration with any audio system. Audio quality is significantly enhanced due to the embedded electronic transformer, eliminating modulation distortion at high power output.

The audio chain also incorporates features such as the Metal Loss Correction to fine tune for the effects of metal loss, as well as the unique Dual Action AGC (automatic gain control) which lets the sound return immediately after noise suppression.

CLS-5T also has an alert-input which can be connected and activated by vehicles on-board alarm, or connected to a doorbell or telephone if installed in a TV-lounge.

For lift installation the CLS-5T has sufficiant power to drive a multi turn loop on the roof of a lift car eliminating the need for expensive internal loop fittings.

Certified according to the UN road regulation ECE R10

CLS-5T is certified according to the ECE R10 automotive standard. ECE R10 is a regulation published by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) for the automotive industry. ECE R10 is defining Electromagnetic Compatibility requrements of the vehicles and electronic sub-assemblies (ESAs) used in the automotive industry.

ECE Regulation R10 covers the requirements regarding the immunity to radiated and conducted distrubances related to direct control of the vehicle, the driver, passenger, and other road users’ protection. The regulation addresses disturbances which would cause confusion to the driver or other road users, related to vehicle data bus functionality. ECE Regulation R10 also addresses requirements regarding the control of unwanted radiated and conducted emissions to protect the intended use of electrical or electronic equipment from nearby or adjacent vehicles and the control of disturbances from accessories that may be retrofitted to the vechicle.


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