Copper tape

Item no.: 861050, 861055, 861051, 861052, 861053, 861054

Super thin copper tape with plastic insulation

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This thin insulated copper tape is specially suitable for use with hearing loop systems and can be installed directly under a carpet. The copper tape can be used for all types of hearing loop installations but is especially suitable in existing buildings and for installation of SLS systems. The copper tape can be affixed with tape, glue, nails, screws or staples. Always consult a qualified craftsman before installing the copper tape.

The copper tape is enclosed in a transparent plastic insulation that is heat bonded onto the copper tape, which makes the installation of two or more cables on top of each other possible. The copper tape itself is only 0.1mm thick. The total thickness including the insulation is 0.25mm



861050 2.5 mm² (100m)
861055 2.5 mm² (200m)
861051 1.8 mm² (100m)
861052 1.25 mm² (100m)
861053 2×1.25 mm² (100m)
861054 2×1.25 mm² (50m)

Mounting of the tape

Always ask for advice by qualified flooring personnel for best mounting practices. The function of the copper tape is not influenced when using glue or tape to attach it to the floor/ceiling, under the condition that the copper tape is fully electrically insulated.


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