Digi RS-ST

Item no.: 550020

Digital stationary transmitter

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Wireless audio for seminars and interpretations

Univox Digi RS-ST stationary transmitter is used where you have an audio source that you want to transfer wirelessly to receivers with headphones or neckloop.

Digi RS is suitable for a variety of applications, such as teaching, seminars, meetings, simultaneous interpretation, product demonstrations, talks, sermons, workout etc.

The basic model for Digi RS stationary transmitter comes with frequencies 821 – 832 and 863 – 865MHz, but it is also available in other frequency ranges for use both in and out of the EU.

Digi RS-ST is part of the Univox Digi RS (Radio System) which is an easy-to-use FM system adapted for people with hearing impairment. The system also consists of bodypack transmitters and receivers, which deliver a wireless and clear audio of the highest quality that ensures accessibility for people with hearing impairment.