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Digital field strength meter

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For testing and commissioning of induction loops

The Univox FSM Field Strength Meter is a digital meter and listener to commission and test hearing loop systems. It provides a quick and accurate method of monitoring and setting the performance of loop systems. The meter allows for easy and straight-forward assessment of magnetic background noise, field strength and frequency response of the system to comply with the requirements of the international hearing loop standard IEC 60118-4.

Two different frequency response characteristics are provided: “NORMAL”, which is a restricted response, similar to that of a hearing aid, and “FLAT”, which is a wide, flat response, similar to that of an equalized induction loop receiver for wide-band communication. It offers both true RMS and PPM (Peak Programme Meter) display time responses. Both modes are specified by standard IEC 60118-4. The meter comes in RMS mode as default.

The meter is calibrated in two ranges; +8 to -18dB and -18 to -44dB with respect to the field strength of 400mA/m at 1kHz, stipulated in IEC 60118-4, allowing background noise levels to be measured as well as AFILS signal strength. The measured audio signal may be monitored using headphones on all range and filter combinations.

A suite of free audio test signals is available for free download below. These may be used on any devices such as tablets, mobile phones, music players and laptops.

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