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Loop receiver/Testing device

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Fast and easy loop receiver

Univox Loop Listener is a easy-to-use, low cost instrument that should be at hand with every loop installation. With the Univox Loop Listener you get two functions in one instrument, it can be used a basic test instrument or as a loop receiver.

The test instrument

A testing device should always be available where a loop is installed. The person who is responsible for the venue can with a quick and simple check make sure that the system is operational. A yellow or green LED will indicate if the loop is properly working. Green indicates that the loop fulfills the international standard IEC 60118-4 level requirement. A yellow LED indicates that the loop is operational but does not meet the IEC level requirement, but will still benefit the user. You may also listen to the loop system through the speaker or earphones that connects to the instrument’s 3.5mm output. Loop Listener gives a calibrated field strength measurement for speech according to IEC 60118-4 (125msec, rms). Some high crest music material may give 1-2dB increased value.

The loop receiver

The instrument may also be used by a person with a hearing deficiency, who does not wear a hearing aid or if the hearing aid does not have a T position. It allows the person to listen direct to the signal source, thus avoiding problems that the distance to the source brings, like low volume, reverberation and echo.


230450 – Listener


230453 – Listener with headphones


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