NL-90 Neck Loop

Item no.: 283101

Personal Hearing Loop

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The neck loop is developed to allow for hard of hearing persons to listen to various audio devices such as guide systems, radio receivers, MP3-players, computers as well as induction loop drivers through their own hearing aid(s). This allows the user to experience the best possible audio quality. Note that the level is dependent on the output power from the signal source.

The neck loop is easily connected to the 3.5 mm audio output of the source just as a pair of regular earphones. It is worn around the neck on the outside of the clothing. When the T mode is activated the audio signal is inductively transferred to the hearing aid(s). The neck loop requires no batteries. The length of the cord is 55 cm/22 inches so that it can be connected to an audio source in a holster, belt clip or pocket.

Univox neck loop is a very simple product worth its price and provides a high quality result.