Item no.: 214700 (Discontinued product)

High Power Audio Induction Loop Amplifier

Replaced by PLS-900.

The PLS-700 delivers an impressive 25Amps(65App) at 47Vpp to provide standard compliant area coverage up to 1800m2 with the enviable, but essential clarity of sound for intelligibility that you expect from our products. Housed in a rugged, convection cooled housing, the robust short circuit proof electronics provide quiet, reliable operation backed by our 5 year warranty. As all PLS’s, the PLS-700 is designed for enduring performance and simple installation.

Maximum Area Coverage

With 4 parallel multi-loops 1800m²

With a perimeter loop 1:1-1:3 room ratio 700m²

Common Applications

The high output current of the PLS-700 facilitates the use of different loop configurations enabling greater flexibility in loop design to provide coverage of large areas up to 1800m2 or compensation for signal losses caused by construction metal. The most suitable and practical configurations are single turn perimeter loops, 2 turn perimeter loops and multi-loops.

Engineering Simplicity

Engineering Simplicity is a Univox tradition; the PLS range is no exception and has been designed to simplify the amplifier selection, loop design and installation processes. All amplifiers in the range are specified to operate with single and 2 turn loops using 2.5mm² cable. By installing a twin core multi-strand cable, the installer does not need to calculate cable impedance and he always has the flexibility to modify the performance of the system by:

With this flexibility built in and assuming no fundamental laws of physics have been broken, the installer can be confident that the perimeter loop installation will perform to standard without spending hours on measurements and calculations.


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