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SLS-1: Class D Tech series: Loop driver for phased array systems

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Super effective loop amplifier for small areas phased array loops.

Univox SLS-1 is intended for small rooms with no or moderate metal attenuation. In instances where SLS-3 works well but with unnecessary headroom, we can now offer a better fit at a very attractive price.

SLS-1/3/5 are substantially smaller and lighter than its predecessors. Their multiple class D stages makes them perfectly adapted to the requirements of modern phased array loop systems. With electronic transformers, efficient class D stage and silent fan free operation, they deliver unsurpassed high audio quality. The advanced and adaptive real time current and temperature protection makes SLS-series virtually indestructible with any load or short-circuit.

The self-diagnostic system

When the self-diagnostic is activated, input connection, AGC, pre-amp and power driver and integrity of the loop conductor, will be accessed. The diagnostics will indicate which systems are operational and which are in need of adjustment. The built-in signal generator, which is part of the self-diagnostic system, can also be used to set the output level.

Enhanced metal loss compensation

Univox SLS Class D Tech series is equipped with a unique Parametric MLC (Metal Loss Compensation) control, enabling fine tuning for different metal loss effects. It allows the installer to further compensate for metal attenuation effects and not just simply by increasing the level from one default starting frequency.



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