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SLS-3: Class D Tech series: Loop driver for phased array systems

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The all new Univox Class D Tech series with innovative features for versatile applications is here!

The super-efficient design has resulted in a very compact and light loop amplifier, compared to earlier amplifiers. At the same time they boost a higher capacity, perfectly adapted to modern SLS system design. The new Univox SLS series is based on ground-breaking Class D Tech design, where multiple parallel amplifier stages create highest possible performance. Thanks to advanced current, temperature and power protection the SLS-3/5 amplifiers are extremely durable, regardless of loop load – and even when short circuited!

When designing the new SLS-3 and SLS-5 we have changed the balance between available current and voltage. The Class D Technology combined with optimized construction for modern loop design, has resulted in strongly increased voltage capacity while keeping a high current capacity at real loads.

The first two drivers in the series, SLS-3 and SLS-5, are suitable for different room sizes and different metallic impact. Common for both models is that they can cope with higher impedances than earlier models. Read more about capacity and performance in the data sheet.




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