Item no.: 213110 (Discontinued product)

Transportation Loop System

Univox TLS-2 is a custom developed loop amplifier, designed for public transport vehicles.

Univox loop amplifier TLS-2 is designed to drive hearing loops in vehicles completely or partially enclosed by metal, like trains, trams, buses and ships. TLS-2 is a constant current amplifier with very high output current up to 30 A RMS providing compensation for the strong damping effectthat conductive materials have on magnetic transmission. Metal loss correction is also available for high frequency slope corrections. The rugged construction provides high immunity to mechanical vibration and shock, satisfying the requirements of EN 50155 and EN 61373 standards. All larger capacitors are glued onto the coated dust resistant PCB.

TLS-2 has an efficient, fan free cooling system, for trouble free operation. It complies with the environmental temperature requirements of EN 50155 standard (-25 to +70°C). Capacitors are temperature rated -40°C to +105°C. All relevant EMC demands are met (EN 50121-3-2) as TLS-2 has no high frequency switching components. A closed metal casing and professional connectors make TLS-2 rated IP40. The case and signal ground are isolated through a 200 V capacitor (this can be removed if higher isolation is required).

The amplifier is designed to fit and work in cramped spaces, as required in these types of environments. All the connectors and indicators are placed on one side of the amplifier to facilitate installation, service and control. The amplifier can be fixed mounted on site.

There are two balanced inputs (XLR and WAGO 769 series). Power supply, loop output and diagnostic system are connected to the amplifier using high quality WAGO connectors. Input and output levels are set by rugged dip-switches on the PCB where the metal loss correction potentiometer is also located. TLS-2 can easily be connected to a computer host’s diagnostic system through the opto-coupler isolated outputs for control of input and/or output signals.