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Wireless guide system with 16 channels

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The OKAYO tour guide system helps tour groups overcome disturbing background noise and distance from the guide even in noisy surroundings.

The system consists of a transmitter, a number of pocket size receivers with rechargeable batteries and one or several charging stations.

It is easy set up and use and operates over a distance of 100 meters. When fully charged the system can be used 8-10 hours. The system is suitable to use for in- and outdoors guided tours, but can also be used in meetings where one or more interpreters translate the speech. It accommodates any number of users with additional receivers and if there are hearing aid users in the group a neck loop is easily added.

The system is easy to use and requires no installation. It can be used together with OKAYO wireless active speakers with built-in receivers.

Univox – co-developed with OKAYO

Univox and Okayo have co-developed body pack transmitters and receivers to improve speech intelligibility for hearing aid users. To comply with accessibility requirements and provide a good audio experience even for the hearing impaired, make sure you use these special developed products.


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