Item no.: 204200

Super-slim induction loop system for integration

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The Unisign is a hearing loop integration kit, featuring a compact powerful induction loop amplifier and a super-slim multi-turn loop, only 3 mm thick. The module is designed for wide range applications, where necessity of a hearing loop system is required. Unisign allows for quick and easy installation as a perfect addition to small area communication systems, such as intercoms, emergency phones, informationand help points, kiosks or any other system to enhance the intelligibility for hearing impaired individuals.

Designed on efficient class-D technology and with dual action AGC function, MLS-1 allows for simple connection to different input signal levels. Univox® MLS-1 features Metal Loss Compensation (MLC) which enables fine tuning and compensation for metal loss and attenuation effects.

A fully integrated, correctly installed Unisign system complies with all the
requirements of the IEC 60118-4 standard.