PLS - Drivers for perimeter loops (conventional)


217700EU, 217700AUS, 217700UK, 217700US, 217710EU, 217710AUS, 217710UK, 217710US

Univox PLS-7 is a powerful induction loop amplifier designed for very large-area loop installations.

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217100, 217100EU, 217100US,217100AUS, 217100UK

Loop Driver for meeting and class rooms, TV lounges and other smaller areas

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217300, 217300EU,217300US,217300AUS,217300UK

Loop Driver suitable for small theatres, waiting areas, conference facilities and medium sized rooms

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217500, 217500EU,217500UK,217500US,217500AUS

Loop Driver suitable for lecture halls, auditoriums, churches, gate areas and larger rooms

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