Loop Cable Accessories

We offer a wide range of accessories for professional installation of hearing loops and constantly strive to expand it to make it easier for the installers.

In our range of flat copper tape, we have recently added a 200 m reel of the 2.5 mm2. This makes it possible to install long SLS loops without the need of splicing, something that both takes time and creates risk of interruptions, unevenness and problems during flooring installation. The 100 m reel are also still available for smaller loop systems; 1.25mm2, 1.8mm2 , 2.5mm2 and as a dual core cable with area of 2 × 2.5mm2 which is available on both 50m and 100m reel.

For loop cable installation in concrete screed, we introduce DBC (Direct Burial Cable). The cable has a thick rubber insulation resistant to oil, heat, fire, smoke and the corrosive effects of concrete. The cable has a cross-section area of 2.5 mm2 and is available in 100 and 200 m drums.

Mounting of flat copper tape
To attach the flat copper tape to the floor, we can offer several different methods:
Double-sided adhesive tape is a smart method for quick installation and protects the copper tape against underlaying concrete. The tape is available in two widths, 30 and 55 mm and comes on 50 m rolls.
Printed Warning Tape (PWT) is used to tape down copper tape cable to the floor and can also be used in combination with double-sided adhesive tape or spray glue. The tape works as an additional layer of protection to reduce the risk of the cable being cut or damaged when laying the flooring. The tape is available in two widths, 50 and 75 mm and comes on 50 m rolls.

Termination of flat copper tape
Before connecting the copper tape to the amplifier loop terminal output, it must be terminated to a standard round cable. An easy way to do this, and a good alternative to solder jointing, is to use a terminal clip that is fastened with a crimping tool, both on the copper tape and the connecting cable. We offer both the crimping tool and bags with 40 clips.


Installation cable
861090    DBC Direct Burial Cable 1×2.5mm²/100m
861092    DBC Direct Burial Cable 1×2.5mm²/200m

Copper tape
861050    Flat copper tape 25×0.1mm/100m, 2.5mm², plastic insulated
861055    Flat copper tape 25×0,1mm/200m, 2.5mm², plastic insulated
861051    Flat copper tape 18×0.1mm/100m, 1.8mm² plastic insulated
861052    Flat copper tape 12.5×0.1mm/100m, 1.25mm², plastic insulated
861053    Flat copper tape 2×12.5×0.1mm/100m, 2×1.25mm², plastic insulated
861054    Flat copper tape 2×12.5×0.1mm/50m, 2×1.25mm², plastic insulated

861036    Printed warning tape 50 mm/50 m
861038    Printed warning tape 75 mm/50 m
861070    Double-sided adhesive tape 55 mm/50 m
861060    Double-sided adhesive tape 30 mm/50 m
861040    Crimping tool, for termination of flat copper tape to standard cable
861047    Terminal clip 40pcs/pack, 2.5-6.0 mm², used with crimping tool