Hearing loops for buses and coaches


Many people refer to the signage and displays on the public bus, but unfortunately a considerably large group of the hearing disabled also have impaired vision. Not being able to hear when your stop is coming up or communicate with the bus driver, makes the travelling much harder than it has to be. Univox loop systems for integrating with the existing sound system is an excellent utility for the guided tour as well as for the city bus, allowing hearing aid users to access the information they need. We also offer restricted loops for direct communication with the driver.



On board systems

For on board installation, the Univox amplifier is designed to operate in these environments. Our compact amplifiers are small, powerful and efficient (with the smallest carbon footprint in class) and comply with the relevant automotive standards.

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Cross the counter

A hearing loop by the driver enables direct communications between the driver and the passenger.

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Waiting areas

Without having to concentrate and worry to miss their call out, the waiting traveller can relax, knowing that the sound will be clearly transmitted directly into their ears.

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Desks and tellers

Information desks and ticket windows should be equipped with an assistive listening device. For a hearing disabled costumer to be able to communicate, it is important to have an efficient and easy to use hearing system installed. An across the counter system ensures clear conversation between the costumer and the staff, directly transferred via a microphone and a small hearing loop to the costumer’s hearing aid.

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Not only for safety reasons, but for a more comfortable visit, installing a hearing loop in the elevator is a good choice.

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