Our Environmental Efforts

29 May, 2020

Here at Bo Edin AB, we comply with applicable environmental legislations and follow other requirements with a mentality to constantly improve our environmental work.

We are connected to Elkretsen and the FTI, and in addition to ensuring that all products are produced in ISO-certified factories, we are actively working on minimizing transport, avoiding air freight when possible and placing great focus on the environment when choosing company cars. Our warehouse personnel actively streamline the utilization of space in our outgoing deliveries, while at the same time reducing the use of filling materials.

We also work with our suppliers to reduce unnecessarily large packages in their deliveries to us and we also work towards reducing both our own and our suppliers’ use of plastic.

But above all, our own environmental work is constantly evolving and we are continuously trying to challenge our goals to reduce the impact on the environment while developing the next generations’ most efficient loops.