Univox – not just hearing loops

7 February, 2018

In the last 5 years, the Swedish company Univox has expanded. From developing and manufacturing conventional hearing loops, Univox now offers advanced, highly efficient loop amplifiers, as well as assistive listening products in the FM and IR area. Today, in addition to Univox’s pioneering hearing loop amplifiers, there is a complete module-based wireless FM-based audio system for conferences, auditoriums and similar premises. As an additional complement in the assistive listening range, we are this year launching Univox IR system, a state-of-the-art system for all types of audio transmission.

“We want to offer our customers more options to give every project a tailored solution. Where hearing loops are not optional, an FM or IR system may be ideal instead. Our ambition is to enable assistive listening in all types of venues, for the sound to reach everyone,” says Meta Bernhager, CEO Univox.

The hearing loops – our origin

Since 1965, Univox has developed the technology behind hearing loops with the aim of producing more efficient amplifiers while focusing on the environment. In 2014, we launched our new PLS series, the most efficient looping amplifiers in the market. In 2018, PLS-7 and its phased array sibling SLS-7 complete the current Univox series of modern loop amplifiers with switched power supplies and Class D output stages, while maintaining a linear sound reproduction for the highest possible audio quality.

FM system – more possibilities

Univox collaboration with Okayo has resulted in modular wireless microphone system to support our hearing loop systems and a separate FM assistive listening system. Several system components have been customized to improved speech intelligibility for hearing aid users. The system includes everything from bodypack devices and microphones to stationary transmitters, active speakers, diversity receivers and accessories.

2W IR system with 72 emitter diodes

In February this year we also launch our latest product group – Univox IR System. It is an advanced, highly efficient audio system for small to medium size premises. The sound quality and coverage are top class and here too, attention has been focused on good speech intelligibility for hearing aid users.

Cutting edge

All Univox products are tailor-made to work as aids for hard-of-hearing people. Many of the products can also be used as conventional audio systems or as complementary to existing ones.

Univox has been in business since 1965 and has distributors in over 35 countries. The products are found throughout the world. While hearing loops are becoming increasingly requested, new technologies are emerging that also facilitate everyday life of the hearing impaired. Univox commitment continues to benefit people who have difficulties to hear.

“We place great emphasis on quality and innovative technology in our product development. Our goal is for the products to be of high quality, longevity and user-friendliness. We are proud of our brand and thrilled that it now represents even more technical solutions”, Thomas Plahn, Sales Director Univox.