IR 1211 Emitter

Item no.: 650302EU, 650302US, 650302UK, 650302AUS

Extender for IR 1411

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High Performing Assistive Listening

Univox® IR1211 is a compact yet powerful IR emitter for small to medium size venues. IR1211 is an extender to the IR1411 main unit. The powerful infrared emitter features 72-diodes emitter for high performance and large coverage – up to 730 m². Univox® IR1211 provides wireless assistive listening with high audio quality. With two mono channels or single channel stereo operation on 2.3 and 2.8 MHz carrier frequencies, the unit is ideal for applications where information security and overspill control are of importance.

Emitter units can be daisy chained through the “RF out” jacks on the primary, and the “RF In” jack on the secondary units by using BNC cables. Each secondary unit must be powered by 24VDC power supply. Once the units are connected and powered no additional settings needed.