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For lectures and classes

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The Univox Radio Frequency Assistive Listening system is a simple and cost effective audio system that also provides sound reinforcement to hard-of-hearing persons with, or without, hearing aids.

The Univox RF System is suitable to use for lectures and classes. It accommodates any number of users with additional receivers and if there are hearing aid users in the group neck loops or earpieces are easily added.

The system consists of a transmitter, a number of pocket size receivers with rechargeable batteries, charging stations and listening devices; headphones, earpieces (can be used on top of hearing aids) and neckloops (to be used with T-coil in hearing aids).

It is easy set up and use and operates over a distance of 100 meters. When fully charged the system can be used 8-10 hours.


Table transmitter EJ-770T for the needs of longer transmission and higher quality. EJ-770T is a stationary transmitter with 16 selectable channels.

EJ-7R is a professional and reliable pocket receiver in a robust aluminium casing. To be used with headphones, earpiece or neckloop.


• Stationary transmitter EJ-770T (502770)
• Receiver with neckband EJ-7R (501007)
• Headphones EM-201 (230903)
• Earpiece EM-101 (581407)
• Neckloop NL-90 (283101)
• Charging station HDC-702 (582702)
• Charging station HDC-707 (582707)
• Charging station HDC-712 (582712)
• Charging station HDC-736 (582736)
• Charging station HDC-750 (582750)
• Rechargeable batteries NiMH AA/LR6
(2 /unit) (174103)

Transmitter EJ-770T
Receiver EJ-7R
Charger case HDC-736
Neck loop NL-90
Headphones EM-201
Earpiece EM-101