Hearing loops for schools and universities


Hearing loss is common, even among younger people. Headphones, loud live music and a constant stream of high background noise, have unfortunately increased the number of children becoming hearing impaired. This is a very concerning problem that will probably continue to grow in the future. These young people must be taken into account when planning new schools, universities and other venues.



An important period in children’s lives is to acclimatize and get familiar to school. Being able to hear and understand is essential to lay the ground for all future learning and socializing. Class rooms where children with hearing impairment can follow the lesson, improve their chances considerably.

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Integrated with the existing sound systems in auditoriums, loops grant access to the hearing impaired. Without the inconvenience of announcing their disability, students can immediately join the lecture.

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Wireless microphone systems

Univox RF Assistive listening system for mobile education

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Intercom systems in elevators are often very difficult to perceive for the hearing impaired. For safety and comfort, install loops in the elevators!

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Case study: Nottingham University, UK

Univox RF system is being used in the Bio Sciences department at Nottingham University, where they have up to 200 students and 3 courses occurring at the same time. The course tutors provide instruction to their students as they move around this huge lab.

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