CLS-5 replacing TV200

28 July, 2014


Loop driver Univox TV200 is no longer in stock and has been replaced by the Univox CLS-5, which is supplemented with optical inputs.

The efficient and green CLS-5 is a compact loop driver suitable for many applications, such as larger TV- and living rooms, busses or elevators. The sound quality has been significantly improved due to the built-in electronic transformer, eliminating modulation distortion at high power output. A two stage AGC and an equalizer for metal loss correction enhance speech intelligibility and listening comfort. The TV Sync function enables the user to adjust the echo that sometimes occur when a loop driver is connected to a flat screen TV.

The loop driver is equipped with seven different inputs, including the new optical inputs (digital and coax), RCA, 3.5 mm and SCART with automatic switch.

CLS-5 can operate from 110-240VAC and 12-24 VDC (battery/backup), which makes it possible to install it in e.g. buses. This is also supported by its compliance with relevant automotive standards.

And by 90% reduction of copper and over 98% more efficiency compared to traditional drivers, the CLS-5 is one of the greenest loop drivers on the market.