Dual core copper foil cable

25 June, 2015

As the first supplier in the industry, Univox launches a dual core copper foil cable, 2×1.25mm2. The copper foil cable is 26mm wide with a 1mm wide gap between the two cores and comes on both 50m and 100 rolls.

The dual core cable is especially suitable for perimeter loops in existing buildings where installing a regular round wire might be difficult. It can also be used in small SLS loops where the impedance has to be increased to put more of the amplifier’s power on the load to reduce the risk of thermal fuses disabling the amplifier. The copper foil is a perfect match to our X series drivers and the coming SLS drivers which have loads of voltage available.

Univox also launches a warning tape to be used for protection and warning of the copper foil cables. The warning tape is offered in 50m rolls and is available in two widths – 50mm and 75mm.

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