Information regarding COVID-19

23 March, 2020

Updated 2020-04-14.

Update 2020-03-27: UPS Suspends Service Guarantee, read more:

Continuously uptaded Service alerts from UPS:

Dear Customer

Bo Edin AB prioritizes the safety and health of our employees and customers and have for some time taken measures to ensure the well-being of our co-workers and customers. We are closely monitoring the authorities’ decisions regarding the coronavirus and are practicing established corporate social responsibility.

As others, we are following the development of the unique situation we are facing and ask you to pay attention and have understanding for any potential changes.

We are still handling orders and deliveries as usual, but delays may occur as a result of our freight forwarders’ capacity. Please see our partners websites for up-to-date information on this:

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Keep your eyes open for updates and stay safe.