ULD Update 3.0 is now live!

8 April, 2020

The new and improved version 3.0 of Univox web-based hearing loop design software Univox Loop Designer (ULD) is now live. The new version includes the following new features:

  • A new SLS figuration, “SLS one stop loop” which is a mix of the standard SLS with a stop loop at one side and the SLS no stop loop design without stop loop on the other side. This is the preferred figuration if you want to avoid magnetic field onto a stage area but have less need of overspill control at the other end of the loop system at the rear of the venue
  • An improved 2D graph design with a green “comply zone” showing more clearly if the design will comply with the IEC standard’s demand for an even field strength distribution (0dB ±3dB)
  • The possibility to show separate Master and Slave loop layout drawings for SLS systems, both on screen and in the PDF
  • Automatic updating that reduces the number of times you manually need to Save
  • A number of smaller bug fixes and a few new field names
  • Direct links for each amplifier in the Data sheet amplifier list (Amplifier Data) leading to the Univox web page for each amplifier

Currently we are working on even more new content and hope to publish yet another software update soon.

As always, we are very grateful for any comment or suggestion you may have! Feel free to send an e-mail to support@edin.se!