Introducing P-CTC

25 March, 2012

We are now introducing the P-CTC, Portable Cross-the-Counter system as an addition to the Univox range. With P-CTC we build on our range for face to face communication.

This is a fantastic product for any type of company that practice face to face meetings. The unit has an in-built battery and is light to carry, making it easy to bring to any meeting room or area. It is also a good option for any type of reception area that for one reason or other can/will not have a permanently CTC system installed. We have already had very positive response from libraries and banks.

The P-CTC is a product from Contacta Systems Ltd who is a manufacturer of primarily one to one loop systems. Contacta Ltd. is also part owner of Contacta Inc. who is the Univox distributer in the USA. As a spin off result of that we are now happy to offer this product in Univox colors.