Next generation FSM 2.0

20 April, 2010

During many years Univox FSM (1994) was the only true FSM with RMS measurement (125ms) complying fully with the IEC standard on the market.

Univox now launches the next generation Field Strength Meter, FSM 2.0 controlled by a reprogrammable microprocessor (uP) with an LCD-display. This gives an instrument with advanced functions, yet easy to use, not seen elsewhere.

FSM 2.0 has high-tech measurements like tracking filters; frequency multitone measurements; automatic range shifting; noise levels and spectrum analyzes, all controlled by the uP. It is the first stand alone Field Strength Meter that fully complies with the new IEC 60118-4 including noise measurement down to -47dB(A).

Overspill measurement, far below background noise, is now for the first time possible on a stand alone instrument with the build-in tracking sharp filters.

Fast frequency measurement using advanced automatic multitone system (far superior to pink-noise) with direct dB readings at the LCD display.

All the measurements are in an intuitive step by step program making the full certificate handling easy.

For more details, please study the FSM 2.0 brochure .