PLS News!

19 March, 2012

The PLS-100 and PLS-300 with a new fresh design are now available. The superior performance and fantastic features remain but in a new elegant outfit.

At this point we are also introducing the new datasheets for all the PLS amplifiers. The most eye catching difference is the way we present the coverage areas. The area coverage for square perimeter loops is increased. This is not due to increased performance of the PLS amplifiers, but rather that we have accepted to state the maximum theoretical area coverage, which is the most common way to measure area coverage among our fellow loop amplifier manufacturers. Previously, cautious as we are, when given the maximum coverage area we have left a bit of headroom, making the coverage area not only theoretical but also practical.

We also introduce the 1:3 side ratio area coverage, common with other manufacturers. Both these new ways to present area coverage is to allow our end users to more easily and accurately compare products.

Finally we introduce a new and unique way of presenting area coverage which is the 4 parallel Multi-Loop design. As a direct result of the high current output of Univox amplifiers it is possible, and also of practical use, to drive up to 4 parallel, and of equal size, loops by the same amplifier.